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Diaper Service & Commercial Laundry

Providing laundry services since 2007

we are committed to helping your business or family

We provide the only accredited, professional diaper service in all of Omaha/Lincoln

Daycare Diapers

Very similar to our diaper service, only formulated with daycare centers in mind

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Business Laundry

From 8 to 2000 towels, we can launder your linen so your staff can run your company


What is diaper service?

We launder cloth diapers, whether they be our rentals or your personal diapers, in professional equipment with industrial methods. Diapers are tested for Chlorine residuals, Bacteria levels and PH Balanced to baby's PH to ensure they are safer and cleaner than your laundry process at home.

We can also save your diapers through our one-time stripping service. Removing yeast, bacteria, residues that cause stink and even ointments like A&D or Desitin.

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