Diaper Service & Commercial Laundry

Providing laundry services since 2007

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Cotton is more comfortable
and breathes unlike disposable diapers, reducing bacteria and heat build-up, as well as the possibility of diaper rash.

No Chemicals or Dioxins
like those found in disposables.

Decreased water usage
when comparing laundering cloth diapers versus manufacturing disposable diapers.

Better for our ground water
The soap that services use is 100% natural and great for the environment.

Reduced Landfill waste
Disposable diapers are the 3rd largest source of consumer landfill waste in the USA.

Save the trees
It takes 20-40 trees to diaper one child in disposables.

Potty Training is done earlier
It takes a child, on average, 18 months to potty-train in cloth diapers while disposables have an average of three years.**Owner's son was potty-trained at 20 months!

Using a service provides you with the freedom of having diapers delivered to your door!

More money in your pocket
Diaper services are far less expensive than disposables, especially if you have more than one child in diapers.

Ease of use
Diapers have evolved into virtual replicas of the disposable version
we are all accustom to, thus making it pain-free to make the switch to cloth!