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Why Consider Cloth?

There are so many reasons! Our businesses together can implement a positive change to your curriculum and drastically decrease your environmental impact through the education and utilization of modern cloth diapers. But that is not all...

the prevalence of diaper rash is almost non-existent in cloth diapers.

plus, no baby is allergic to cotton!
Our Business
Your Business
we can discuss how using our service provides you with extra income.
your center will be desirable because of your progressive vision. our company works directly with parents looking for child care that use & accept cloth diapers!
you can save parents $$ in two ways!
First, our service is cheaper than the parents buying disposables.
Second, by including the cost in your fees, they have a higher tax deduction
by choosing our services, you are supporting another family-owned small business, much like yours!
you are keeping money in our community, instead of supporting big box stores that sell disposable diapers
you will be saving an average of 300 diapers per week from entering our landfills. that is over 15,000 diapers annually!
you are protecting the future of the very children in your care just by one small change.

We provide you with all the prefold diapers, cloth wipes, pail liners and pails you need with Bi-Weekly Delivery.

Your only up-front cost is diaper covers, which we provide at a huge discount. This minimal fee can be passed onto your families.

We provide you with All-In-One diapers, cloth wipes, pail liners and pails with daily delivery.

Your upfront cost is a 25% deposit for the total cost of AIO's. We will begin applying your deposit after your 6th invoice.

This minimal fee can be passed onto your families.