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Diaper Service Savings Bundles: Cloth Wipes Add-On

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FREE Diaper Service, No Laundry, No Renting

Begin with our Starter Service if needed, then pick your bundle!

  • Do you want to cloth diaper, but have no interest in laundering them yourself?
  • Are you struggling with keeping up with your diaper laundry and want them professionally laundered?

After our Starter Service, we offer a variety of bundles to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Purchase one of our bundles and get Free Prepping and Free service included!

Because the majority of our customers want to "test drive" the diapers and service before committing, we offer our Starter Service. The following bundles are designed to fit babies 11lbs or larger; which is after our Starter Service ends.

These bundles are named after my children based on my own personal diaper journey of what I used with each one of them, plus the Ultimate bundle!

Xander Bundle: Used Prefolds and NEW Covers for a 11-22lb baby

  • 120 Slightly Stained Medium Prefolds
  • 10 NEW One-Size Snap Buttons Covers OR 10 NEW One-Size Velcro Rumparooz Covers
  • One Month of Diaper Servicing for Free

$329 *$425 Value!


Westyn Bundle: NEW Prefolds and Covers for a 11-22lb baby

  • 120 NEW Medium Prefolds  *Prepped for Free
  • 10 NEW One-Size Snap Buttons Covers OR 10 NEW One-Size Velcro Rumparooz Covers
  • One Month of Diaper Servicing for Free

$499 *$760 Value

Wipes Bundle: Great add-on for either the Xander or Westyn bundle

  • 120 GroVia Cloth Wipes
  • Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer
  • Cloth Wipe Solution Concentrate

$175 *$200 Value


What does diaper service cost after my Free service is over?

Delivery Fee

Customers within our service area (14 miles from 1736 N 120th Omaha) can choose to have diapers delivered to their home for a fee of $10/week.

Customers outside our delivery area or who would like to have the service be a little more budget-friendly, can swap diapers at Diaper DuDee once per week. It must be the same day every week and there is a $2 handling fee/week.

Laundering Fee

Diaper laundry is billed on a clean/dry weight basis. After your diaper laundry is professionally laundered and dried, we will weigh the bag.

Up to 7lb 15oz is $1.45/lb: Your diapers weigh 3.2lbs your laundering fee would be 3.2 * 1.45 = $4.64

8lb to 15lb 15oz is $1.35 per pound: Your diapers weigh 8.9lbs your laundering fee would be 8.9 * 1.35 = $12.02

16lbs+ is $1.25 per pound: Your diapers weigh 16.2lbs, your laundering fee would be 16.2 * 1.25 = $20.25

Your dirty diaper laundry bag can include any combination of diapers, covers, cloth wipes, inserts, doublers and wet bags. Please keep disposable wipes and clothing out of your bag.

 ~Guidelines: We are not responsible for Missing or Damaged diapers during your time as a Diaper DuDee customer. Customers will be responsible to pay for a weekly delivery fee, if account becomes delinquent, Diaper DuDee has the right to terminate service. Once diapers are purchased, there is a 25% restocking fee if returned before arrival. Once diapers arrive at Diaper DuDee (usually within 1-3 weeks of ordering) they are non-refundable as we wash them in preparation for your baby and cannot sell them as NEW. By submitting your order you are agreeing to our terms of service and understand these ordering guidelines.~